There are several excellent websites that can provide more information on Stevengraphs and other Victorian weavings. The following three sites are run by Stevengraph Collectors Association members:  is a North American site that contains a comprehensive listing of Stevens products with a wealth of information and muliple images.  is a North American site that contains an edited version of the first chapter of Geoffrey Godden’s book, outlining the history of Stevens, the Jacquard loom, designers, and of Stevengraphs.  is an English site that also includes a wealth of excellent quality images of all Stevengraphs, detailed in comprehensive alphabetic catalogues. In all, 29 weavers are recorded in one of the most comprehensive databases of Stevengraphs.

There are several books on Stevengraphs that are recommended. Although these are now out of print, copies can often be bought from dealers and in auctions.

– Stevengraphs and other Victorian silk pictures by Geoffrey A Godden (Pub. Fairleigh Dickinson 1971)

– Stevengraphs by Austin Sprake and Michael Darby (Pub. The Chaucer Press 1968)

– The Price Guide to Stevengraphs by Austin Sprake (Pub. The Antique Collectors Club 1972)

– The Silk Pictures of Thomas Stevens by Wilma Sinclair LeVan Baker (Pub.Exposition Press – USA – 1957)

-“Stevengraphs in Colour” is a new book on Stevengraphs that was made available in 2012. It illustrates virtually all the known Stevengraphs made by Stevens. It is available in the bookstore of Blurb Books (  by searching ‘Stevengraph’